Our Stones

In addition to installing stone in homes and commercial properties, Cornerstone Masonry also process their own stone at the company yard. They welcome visitors and are happy to talk to customers about the different types of stone available and the different aspects of the work involved in stonemasonry process.

They have a hydraulic guillotine to split the stone and can achieve a very high standard in the quality of the finish on the stone. Their process is both economical and produces a beautiful result.

Cornerstone Masonry work with:

  • Auckland Bluestone
  • Basalt Crust
  • Coromandel Bluestone
  • Irish Basalt
  • Irish Sandstone
  • Irish Slate
  • Limestone
  • Northland Basalt
  • Otago Bluestone
  • South Island Schist

Cornerstone Masonry are proud to be one of the most sought after stonemasons in Auckland, give us a call today and ensure you get the best quality stone work available.

Below is a list of the stone we use. We have selected only the very best stone from not just New Zealand but from other parts of the world, which we believe are of an exceptional quality. These stones are not only top quality but have a range of affordable options that makes them a first class choice. If you are interested in a particular type of stone bellow, please note down the number or name when contacting us so we have a clear idea of what you are after.